Beacon of Light Centre


I will Shine Day & Night as a Living Beacon of Light

We shine our light fearlessly to illuminate the darkness.


We work with the FREE WILL SPIRITUALIST CENTER.  Please check out the facebook page and the meetup group for Free Will Spiritualist Center here.  Please join us for any upcoming services, classes, & events that are of interest to you.  We are open to the public and welcome everyone.  You can find the Beacon of Light Centre on facebook as well.


Services, Classes, & Events, are currently held on various Sundays of the month.  Our location is currently at the 9th Street Wellness Center in the Farmhouse building.  Their address is - 1028 9th Street, Green Bay, WI 54304.  Make sure to check out events on facebook or meetup for other events, services, and classes.


Our Spiritual Leader:

Our pastor, the Rev. Kim Orlowski, has been a member of the NSAC (National Spiritualist Association of Churches) for over 12 years.  She is a National Spiritualist Teacher (NST), and Certified Medium (CM).  She has served the NSAC on a national level as a member of the NSAC Church Growth Committee and as the Auxiliary Committee Chair.  She also served as the Director of the NSAC Outreach Department for 5 years.  As a minister for nearly 10 years, she has served in a pastoral capacity and worked for various NSAC churches as: a teacher, speaker, healer, and medium.


With a soft and loving presence, Kim looks forward to you joining us for our church services, classes, and events to share in the love and fellowship with people of like mind.


Are you looking for a Spiritualist minister to help you?  Besides her regular pastoral duties, Kim is available for: Weddings, Funerals, Memorial Services, and Naming Services (sometimes called Christenings).  Or if you are interested in a private healing or mediumship reading, Kim is available for those by appointment.  Kim also has a blog, and she would love you to read this post about things a medium would like you to know.


At Beacon of Light Centre Our Hope:

Is that with education and the learning experience we can impact individuals, families, and the community at large leading to greater service for all.


Our Mission:

Is to educate everyone interested in learning about their Spiritual Nature and Spiritual Journey.  To help them to understand themselves as the spiritual beings they are, while they explore the naturalness of their spiritual gifts like mediumship and healing.  We want all our guests, friends, and members to be “armed with the information” so they can make informed choices and decisions.


Our Vision:

A true understanding of what psychic-mediums do and who we are.

That each individual learns the joy of being of service to others.

To see vibrations raised, and the community elevated.

That Beacon of Light Centre becomes a hub with many spokes that serve the surrounding communities and beyond.

That it is a place where:

... praise is given to God and hearts are filled with joy and gladness.

... physical meets spiritual - in the truest sense of communion.

... hopes are met with the reassurance that loved ones are indeed not gone.

... individuals come for fellowship but leave with the knowledge of a family.

... those who are wishing to serve spirit and humanity can find their place, gather strength, and do so in a loving environment amongst people of like mind.

... outreach is easy because we are all full-filled from within.

... every individual gains the knowledge that they are indeed “beacons of light” themselves.

This is our vision for the present and the future.


Our Values:

Are based on the principles of Spiritualism with our primary goal as personifying the Golden Rule.

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